About us

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Bioi is a dynamic, experienced, and multi-faceted design and build practice.

Founded in 2011, Bioi emerged from an industry-wide lack of care, craft, and innovation in Western Canadian architecture and construction. Most buildings are typically built through a series of constructive processes that hold no cohesive strain, no collective vision, and very little thought for the totality of the end product. As both designers and builders, this typical level of quality simply does not satisfy the standards that should be dictating our contemporary context. Seeking to better the state of our cities, the strength of our built environment, and to positively affect the way people live, Bioi has pursued a higher standard, through the return to craft and the resurgence of detail to their commonplace.

With a fine eye for detail and a skilled hand for fine craft, Bioi has quickly built an innovative and diverse portfolio across a broad selection of typologies including both residential and commercial projects. Bioi believes that variety is at the core of architectural design and practice. Each project it undertakes has a distinctive design and spatial response with its own stylistic character.

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