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Our clients for this major upgrade are a young and growing family who wished to take better advantage of their existing space. With an original structure from the early 1960’s, the existing space consisted of a number of smaller disjointed spaces. By removing walls and reorganizing windows, we expanded the usable space, revising existing rooms that were no longer desired and provided an expanded and modernized program. This project is the transition of a 40 year old house into modernity; with a small and cramped kitchen, our clients quickly outgrew its tight quarters. Unable to tend to the daily demands of both function and utility, it needed to be expanded. The adjacent dining room was separated in full, providing a formal dining space= with a strong separation from the kitchen. The formal dining room was removed and revised, allowing the kitchen to expand into its new space, integrating the dining function into the kitchen island. As the new kitchen centers daily activities on the island, the kitchen became the hub of daily activities for the entire home.